Parent & Scholar Testimonials

“Before we came to Heritage, my kids were struggling with grades. We’ve seen a huge improvement in confidence and academics. My son did not want to leave his friends and come to Heritage, but since he has been there for five months, he says he so glad he came and he has more friends than he ever had at his other school. The staff have been extremely helpful and supportive and have helped our kids in so many ways. We love Heritage.”

Susan Munroe, Heritage Academy Gateway

My 7th and 10th graders love Heritage Academy!  As a parent of Junior High and High School students, it is difficult to send them to school knowing the kind of environment they will be facing everyday.  We have not experienced this with Heritage Academy.  Not only do they receive an excellent education, they are surrounded by a great wholesome environment and don’t have to deal with much of the “junk” their friends who attend other schools face daily.  All of the teachers we have interacted with are willing to assist the students if they have questions or need a little extra instruction.  The staff is always friendly and they take the time to know the students and parents by name.  It really is a great fit for our family.”

Michelle Petersen, Heritage Academy

“As parent I really like my children’s teachers at Heritage Academy Gateway. They are very knowledgeable in their subject matter. They teach in a matter my children can understand. My children find them friendly, and very approachable. They communicate well with my children as well as me.” 

Karl Weber, PTO Member, Heritage Academy Gateway

“I like the curriculum and the 4 days a week schedule. The teachers are top notch and very informative. They are also helpful and easy to communicate with. My son loves his classes and teachers both. He enjoys learning, being challenged to excel to his potential as an individual,  and learning to work with others. We feel that this schools offers the ideal environment for him to learn and grow, and to accomplish his goals.”

Amy Hamilton, Heritage Academy Gateway

The culture at Heritage Gateway is amazing; we’ve never seen teenagers treat each other with so much kindness and respect. That respect is also seen among students, teachers and administration. As parents, we love how the administration responds quickly to our questions, requests and concerns. We love how our children are learning so much about the founding of our country and how the teachers present the material in an engaging manner. This is the first school where our children feel their teachers personally know and care about them.” 

Robyn Garner, Heritage Academy Gateway

“I have two children attending Heritage Academy Gateway. The teachers they have are top notch. They make learning enjoyable and my children are excited to go to school. I am beyond pleased with the education they are getting at Heritage.” 

Monica Johnston, Heritage Academy Gateway

“We love the teachers at Heritage Gateway!  They are always in contact with the parents and keeping us informed about what’s going on in the classroom and with our child. They are also very dedicated to the students and willing to stay after school if they need any help or tutoring. Our student’s success is their success!” 

Stephanie Granillo, Heritage Academy

“Heritage Academy staff and teachers really have the scholars’ best interest at heart. They are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that all of their students are set up for success and have every available tool to do and be the best they can.” 

Chris Anderson, Heritage Academy