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School Newsletter 1/18 Pinnacle by Andrea Lenhart

A Note from Principal Coleman:

January 18, 2024



Dear Heritage Academy Heroes & Families,


Spirit Week & “School Choice” Week:

Next week is Spirit Week.  Please follow the schedule listed below under the heading Important Dates.  We are also celebrating “School Choice”.  It is a week to celebrate the “choice’ of letting parents choose the educational environment that best meets the individual needs of their children.  “School Choice” gives families more opportunities to find the best school for their child.  Heritage Academy is a great option as a public charter school for many students and their families.  If you know anyone looking for a new school, please tell them about Heritage Academy Pinnacle.  We would be happy to give them a tour of our campus and share the details about our wonderful school and and how they can become a Heritage Hero. 

School Lunch Information – My Hot Lunchbox:

You may visit to order hot lunches.  No outside food (fast food or delivery) is allowed.  The school does not provide a lunch if your scholar forgets. 


Lost & Found:

We have many items in our “lost and found” if you are missing anything.  We have mostly light jackets and sweatshirts.  If you are missing anything, have your scholar check the lost and found box in the Café.  It would be very helpful to write the name of your scholar on the inside tag, so items can be returned easily.  Thank you!

Heritage Academy’s Mission:

We are dedicated to youth, their growth and development, and believe in building sound character through strong families, strong communities, and a strong nation.

While teaching the academic disciplines, Heritage Academy is dedicated to instilling into the minds and hearts of our youth knowledge of and respect for the ideals and values of the great men and women of history, including those who founded the American nation.

As they gain an appreciation of these people of accomplishment, they will be ready to provide the selfless service to their fellow citizens and to their country which will be required in the coming years to assist in restoring America’s greatness.


Important Dates:

Jan. 22-25             Spirit Week and “School Choice” Week

Mon. Jan. 22:       Class Color Day: K – Pink, 1st – Green, 2nd – Orange, 3rd – Red,      

4th – Yellow, 5th – Purple, 6th/7th – Blue (Heritage Dress Down Standard, Jeans Okay)

Tues. Jan. 23       White Out Day!  Everyone Wears White

 (Heritage Dress Down Standards, Jeans Okay)    

Wed. Jan. 24        “Crazy Hair Day” in School Uniform

Wed. Jan. 24:        PTO Meeting 6:00 p.m. in Café

Thur. Jan 25         “Dollars for Duds” Day – Bring Your Dollars – Snack Bar Open    

Tues. Feb. 6:         Scheduled Fire Drill 9:00 a.m.

Mon. Feb. 19:        Presidents’ Day – NO SCHOOL




Thank you for your support!


Kind Regards,


Ray Coleman – Principal